Autumn Landscaping

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With plenty of apples still good for harvest, you might be starting to quite literally enjoy the fruits of your labour in the garden this autumn. It may seem a little premature but now is the time to start thinking about what you would like your garden to look like next year. A few ideas for easy wins…

  • Landscaping – especially soft landscaping – ¬†reshaping borders and digging new borders is best done in autumn when you can get the plants in to maximise early growth for next spring.
  • Planting – whilst there is still some warmth in the soil, and a few bargains to be had at garden centres and nurseries clearing their stock, the autumn months are the ideal time to rearrange borders and fill in any gaps. Virtually all garden plants can go in a this time.
  • Trees – going into winter trees go in to a dormant stage, this is the time that deciduous trees are best pruned to promote healthy regrowth and as the crown of the trees emerge when the leaves fall away you can get a better view of any potential problems. Consider new planting schemes, checkout the¬†Woodland Trust website for inspiration on tree planting, they also sell (and in some cases give away) native tree packs.
  • Hedges, like trees, enter a dormant phase and can be trimmed throughout the winter. You can also consider planting new hedge
  • Bulbs – If their appearance in abundance at the garden centres isn’t clue enough, get them in!
  • Servicing tools – after the last cut of the year, think about getting the mower in for a service so that its ready to go next year.