Recycling – Good for business

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With so much discussion around sustainability and protecting the environment, it is heartening to see that all of the procedures that we have integrated into our business over the years have become second nature for our teams.

National initiative, Recycle Week led by WRAP is just around the corner. The programme will see various campaigns across the UK to further inspire individuals and business to adopt practices that make recycling second nature.

For us recycling has become part and parcel of offering a quality service. We operate at multiple sites across the North East of Scotland daily and the challenges that each presents changes from job to job. Perhaps we have an advantage in that much of our waste is classified as ‘green’ – we literally have a mulch mountain. So how do we do it?

  1. All green waste (grass cuttings, foliage and wood from tree operations) is taken by the crews to our own recycling facility near Aberdeen where is is further shredded or graded to be reused as compost or mulch for future projects.
  2. Excavated material is pummelled bashed and ground down and similarly graded for re uses as base for patios and other landscape construction projects.
  3. Office Waste is kept to an absolute minimum and sorted and binned appropriately before being handled by specialist recycling organisations
  4. Plastics, packaging and metals are similarly dealt with. One of our favourites however is being able to offer a helping hand to community project The Seed Box which makes use of all plant pots for their growing projects.

After almost 25 years, we have grown and diversified such that our recycling practices are much more extensive than a bit of composting. We have found that through some investment and persistence that recycling really is good for business. Not only do we want to operate in a sustainable way, today our clients expect it of us, our environmental policy is a definitely a business advantage!