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Managing Trees – Legislation

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Do you have responsibility for trees either at home or your place of work?

When it comes to managing problem trees or site clearance for building and engineering projects it is rarely as straightforward as getting hold of a chainsaw and cracking on. In Scotland and rest of the UK there are a number of regulations that apply to the management of trees. Many trees are subject to these regulations and simply put, unauthorised works can lead to prosecution. So which legislation should you be aware of in Scotland?

Tree preservation orders (TPOs) relate to the protection of individual trees, groups of trees or woodlands which have particular amenity value, make a significant contribution to the landscape or townscape or because there may be a potential threat to the trees. Many trees are covered by a TPO and the owner of those trees has a responsibility to manage activities – such as pruning and felling – in a way that adheres to local regulation. Your local authority can provide specific information about tress covered by TPOs.

In many cases TPOs won’t be the only hurdle. If you are planning work on trees you may be required to have a Felling Permission to carry out the work irrespective of whether or not there is a TPO in place. More comprehensive information on the ins and outs of felling permission is available from the Forestry Commission.

If you already have project in mind, our tree surgery team can offer advise on how best to proceed.